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1. Minimum age and drivers' license

Driver must be at least 21 years of age.
International or Greek drivers' license is required.
The date of issuance must exceed at least one year.

2. Delivery and return

The vehicle is delivered to The Renter in good conditions, without apparent defects and any complaints as to its conditions must be made to the Rental Agency immediately on delivery. The Renter agrees to return it with bike documents, accessories and equipment in good conditions to The Rental Agency at the location on the date and time designated in this agreement. Over 3 hours delay from agreed return time specified in rental agreement (if Renter does't notify the Rental Agency by telephone) the Rental Agency reserves the right to notify immediately the Police for bike theft.

3. Condition of use

The Renter is agreed that vehicle shall not be operated or driven:
a) in contravention of any Customs, traffic or other regulation;
b) to transport passengers or property for a remuneration;
c) to proper or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;
d) while customer or any other driver of vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react;
e) in case of breakdown the repair of bike must be made by qualified person;
f) in any race, test or contest;
g) other than in accordance with the instruction and recommendation by the manufacturer of the vehicle

4. Charges

The Renter is personally liable to pay Rental Agency on demand:
a) time charges at the rate specified in agreement.
b) the fuel, when vehicle is returned with less fuel than when rented.
c) minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). Every extra hour over 24 hours is will be charged according to Rental Agency's pricelist.
d) all fines court cost for parking, traffic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle.
e) in the event of lost or spoiling of bike documents will be charged according to Rental Agency's pricelist.
f) in the event of lost or spoiling of bike keys will be charged according to Rental Agency's pricelist.
g) The customer is responsible for gasoline charges.
h) The customer is responsible for the Value Added Tax imposed on all services and other charges.


The third part insurance is included in all rental charges. This provides cover for claims made against you for the death or injury of the other party in an accident. It also provides cover for damage to their property. If you want a fully comprehensive insurance with or without deductible, please ask in our offices for more information.
In case of accident, the Renter is responsible and must pay all damage if driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. Indemnity

The Rental Agency cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the Renter or his companions in connection with the operations of the vehicle, for lost or damage to Renter's property left in the vehicle or from other causes.

7. Accident, Damage, Theft

Renter agrees further to protect the interest of Rental Agency and its insurance company in case of accident, theft or damage to the vehicle by:
a) obtaining names and address of parties involved and of the witnesses.
b) not abandoning the vehicle without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing same.
c) notifying the Rental Agency by telephone even in case of slight damage.

8. Validity

The Renter is agreed that any addition or alternation to these terms and conditions will be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties upon the rental day.

9. Jurisdiction

All disputes arising from bike within theese terms and conditions will be adjudged by The Courts of Crete Greece.

10. Remarks

Rates are subject to change without notice.
Road maps are available upon request.
Lease with unlimited kilometers. The Rental Agency has the right to change the type of the bike with another type of the same group.

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